When AdWords Innovations Work

I realise I was a little down on Google in my last post, but never let it be said that I’m not fair, so let’s take a look at some recent AdWords innovations that are great.

Auction Insights

Mr B likes AdWords innovations that work

Some have been a little sceptical about auction insights, which lets you see who you’re competing against in the auction. It’s easy to see why: Google is offering up data about who you’re bidding against for a given keyword and how often they appear above you (among other stats). The automatic assumption is that this would lead to a bidding war.

Yes, I can see that happening, but I think there are far more interesting uses of the data . For example, building out your negative keyword lists or stealing borrowing ideas from the landing pages of your top competitors.

Even if you do want to use the insights for bidding, the only way isn’t up. As PPC Hero points out, you can also use it to see where you’re overbidding and bring your bids down accordingly.

Better Mobile Offering

Two innovations both designed to improve the performance of mobile campaigns:

  1. Ability to run ads in mobile apps directly in the AdWords interface. You too can bother Angry Birds users! But seriously, the potential here is enormous.
  2. A new mobile apps extension for search. Instead of driving traffic to your site and immediately directing users to your app, you can take them to the right place, first time.

I haven’t yet had chance to get stuck into these two new options, but I can see enormous potential. Google has been clear that they believe mobile is the future, so it’s great to see them offering enhanced mobile options for advertisers.

Ad Group Ideas

Bored of sifting through pages of keywords from the keyword tool? Let Google sort their suggestions into ad groups for you!

As with everything (it seems) in AdWords, you’ll need to refine the suggestions once you’ve downloaded them – do you really trust totally computer generated groupings? But, the ability to discard an entire group of irrelevant terms pre-download with one click has already been a massive time-saver for me.

So, do you guys like, loathe or just feel indifferent to these changes? Are there any innovations that you love that I’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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