What Boom Have Been Reading: December 2016 Edition

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Happy New Year! It’s time for a fresh new start, so make sure you’re up to date on the latest digital marketing news. Why not go back to work refreshed and clued-up, ready to take on the world?

Catch up on some of the best recent and evergreen digital marketing articles around, and make it your New Year’s resolution to learn something new.

Ian Lockwood

Ian Lockwood


Small business owners: 3 steps to creating accurate Google Analytics reports

by Dianna Huff (@diannahuff) This is a useful guide for anyone experiencing the various spam entries that turn up in Google Analytics, showing how to create a new View and apply some settings and filters to exclude your own visits and bots. However, it isn’t perfect – referrer spam will still get through, so you might also be interested in the Referrer Spam Blocker, offering the options of using filters or segments to exclude the spam entries in your data.

Wayne Barker

Director of Online Marketing

How and why the SEO tools industry should develop technical standards

by Mike King (@ipullrank) Mike makes a rallying call for all SEO tools to start to work together to allow data to be moved between them – also a call to arms for establishing some industry standards.

Tactical Keyword Research in a RankBrain World

by Dr Pete (@dr_pete) Rankbrain this, Rankbrain that. This is actually a post about Rankbrain that is worth you actually reading.

How to generate more links from non-seasonal content

by Ross Hudgens (@rosshudgens) Generally speaking I’m not a fan of seasonal content – you get a limited time to promote it, if you rely on others to meet deadlines – well you know how that can end up. Ross puts forward some interesting strategy based reasons for seasonal content and how to do really do it.

Should You Only Acquire Links That Drive Revenue?

By Jon Cooper (@pointblankseo) This is a good read – but if you can’t be bothered to read it the answer is no.

Also Sean and Bill made a very handy Indexation checker in Google Docs (but John Mu spotted them) and Ian Lurie wrote two ebooks (Technical SEO Best Practices and Lean Content) and they are both worth reading.

James Walsh

James Walsh

Head of Production

Now that the bedlam of the November payday sales is over let’s take a quick look at the fallout.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 ecommerce stats bonanza

by Nikki Gilliland (@nikki_gilliland) A short, but insightful look into some of the postmortem numbers around black friday/cyber monday this year. Including, interestingly, a rise in UK footfall for retail. Are people browsing sales online and picking up in store?

What Happened On Black Friday 2016

by Pete Austin from Fresh Relevance (@frelevance) One platform providers take on the decline of cyber monday in their numbers. Posits that consumer focus over the last couple of years has shifted primarily to black friday and the week leading up to it. Do retailers need to expend as much effort on cyber monday anymore?

Lauren Roitman

Digital Marketing Client Manager

The Only Three Networking Emails You Need To Know How To Write

by Sara McCord (@sarajmccord) When conducting outreach, you often find yourself contacting the same sites time and time again. Whilst not all of these email styles can be applied to digital outreach, I read this more as a reminder to myself to keep subsequent emails short, sweet, and personal.

Claire Brain

Digital Marketing Client Manager

6 SEO Experiments That Will Blow Your Mind

by Larry Kim (@larrykim) This series of interesting SEO experiments examines the impact of organic CTR and engagement. Just how important are engagement signals for SEO? What’s the relationship between organic CTR and ranking? How can you boost organic CTR? What’s the relationship between organic rankings and social shares? The answers might just change the way you think about SEO.

Luke Jordan

Digital Marketing Client Manager

Featured Snippets: From Start to Finish

by Dr. Peter J. Meyers (@dr_pete) This handy guide from Moz tells you everything you need to know about ranking in position ‘0’ on Google. With traditional organic search results continuing to be hidden by increasing numbers of rich results and paid ads, the importance of ranking in featured snippets is continuing to grow.

Rhea Walker


5 Productivity Hacks Every Busy Entrepreneur Should Try

by Syed Balkhi (@syedbalkhi) Sometimes it can be a struggle to keep the focus through the day and as I found this post I thought it’d be interesting to test. If I didn’t feel particularly productive I tried a few of these hacks and turns out, they work! I found myself coming back to this list quite a few times.

The Ideal Length of Everything Online, Backed by Research

by Kevan Lee (@kevanlee) I’ve been tweeting quite a bit this month and I found this post with the ideal length of everything online. I thought is there an ideal length? Apparently, there is! Kevan shows it all and backs it with the evidence.

Peter Bingham

Digital Designer

The 2016 Annual Email Marketing Report

by Campaign Monitor (@campaignmonitor) In 2016, email marketing continued to be the dominant marketing channel. Find out why it’s such a powerful tool in your arsenal with Campaign Monitor’s cracking year in review. It’s pretty too!

Chris Dennis

PPC Account Manager

Using Dynamic Search Ad Campaigns For Effective Keyword Mining

By Tanner Schroeder @TannerSchroeder An elegantly simple idea for harvesting new keyword ideas: effectively a ‘catch-all’ campaign, but for Search, not Shopping.

Amy Fowler

Digital Marketing Client Manager

How We Scaled a Startup from 0 Organic Traffic to 100,000 Visitors/Mo (In About One Year)

by Tyler Hakes (@TylerHakes) One of the best case studies you’ll have read this year with tons of actionable stuff you can apply to using content in pretty much any industry.

Amy Hunt

Digital Marketing Client Manager

Rethinking Long Tail Keywords: how to get TONS of traffic from “unpopular” search queries

by David McSweeney (@top5seo) A comprehensive look at long tail keywords from David, he talks about how they fit into SEO, their importance in Google search and what can be done to get the best out of your content. A great piece for anyone who would like to learn more.

Jordan Piano

Digital Marketing Client Manager

How Snapchat is Redefining Traditional Media

by Mahin Rahaman A few years ago Snapchat came out; a social media app where you can send pictures to your friends that only last for a maximum of 10 seconds, then they’re gone forever.


A bit gimmicky to start with, this was taken over by people looking to send ‘naughty’ pictures without risk of the pictures resurfacing. However, Snapchat has grown to be a massive platform for media outlets and brands to reach a worldwide audience that are happy to engage with their communications. This article shows the impact Snapchat has had on traditional media and this article on Search Engine Land gives an insight into how we can use Snapchat to help with SEO.
Merry Christmas.

Adam Dennis

Web Developer

A Guide to Choosing the Right Query for WordPress Development

by Jon Penland (@JPen365) A handy guide to which WordPress queries you should be using for what application in your custom integrations.

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