Must-Read PPC Posts: A Round-Up

We’re approaching autumn now, and following the school holidays everyone is back to work. I’ve been doing some reading recently, and thought it would be nice to share with you some of the most interesting ones for you to read too. If you have got five minutes to spare, I’d love to know your thoughts on these articles, or any others that you may have read recently!

What the Highest Converting Websites do Differently at Kissmetrics

On the PPC side of things, I would suggest you to read the blog from Kissemetrics about “What the highest converting Websites do differently”. Many people still believe the most important thing is to bring visitors to the website. But sadly, this is not enough. What you really want for your website is to bring visitors who convert. That can be trickier than it sounds, but Kissemetrics put it beautifully with lots of tips and advice.

Ten Alternatives to Google AdWords at PPC Hero

Another one, still about PPC (sorry for the SEO people but PPC is my thing), from PPC Hero this time. They wrote a blog recently about the 10 alternatives to Google AdWords. I think it’s a tremendous idea considering the number of people who find themselves frustrated with the interface of the AdWords Editor. Of course, there are some that are better than others; some would suggest to use Admarketplace (19 good reviews on Glassdoor, can’t be bad..) some would swear by 7search and others try and avoid it like the plague. Again, your comments are deeply appreciated.

A Five Step Summer Review for your PPC Account by Melissa Mackey (@mel66) at Search Engine Watch

You are probably all familiar with Search Engine Watch. What I like about this website is that it combines all sides of digital marketing in one place. In this case, I read “a 5 step summer Review for your PPC Account” by Melissa Mackey (quite well known for her blogs – Searching beyond the Paid”- anyone?) and she works for one of the largest agencies; Gyro. The post talks about reviewing your accounts, particularly with the importance of reviewing your goals, and is broken down in to steps to help you get your PPC accounts back on track in no time.

Ten Features Unique to Bing Ads that you Might Not Know About by Ginny Marvin by (@GinnyMarvin) at Search Engine Land

Ginny Marvin  recently wrote a nice piece about Bing Ads. Many of us forget about Bing, as it seems to have more people using it in the US than the UK.  This may well change over the coming years, but for the time being Google is still a big favourite with Europe. For those who use Bing ads (even those who don’t) you’ll probably find this article interesting as it uncovers lots of handy little features you may not have know existed!

Making it Easier to Discover New Features in AdWords at Google

Keeping up to date with AdWords is a real challenge. It seems to change every week (sometimes it feels like every day)! The updates are never as big as the changes we saw with the Enhanced Campaigns, but still, new features are cropping up all the time. This is why it’s important importance to keep your eye on the AdWords blog. Pin it to your Toolbar, you will thank me later.

On a different subject, yesterday I came across a blog about something that interests us all; money.

Could We Become a Cashless Society? by Chris Minas at The Wall

According to Bitcoin, the UK  will become a cashless society in 20 years, maybe even less than that. In a world dominated by ‘cash or card’ how would being cashless work? The concept is very simple; a database is linked to the customer’s bank account and mobile phone number and this will make it possible to send secure payments to high street retailers via text message. Intruiged? Find out more by reading the full article.

Do you have any PPC reads that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you…

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