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Enhanced AdWords Campaigns

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On Wednesday 6 February, Google AdWords announced a major change that will affect the future of all their advertisers
Meet enhanced campaigns, AdWords for a constantly connected world. Be more relevant to consumer intent and context. https://goo.gl/yFNGYGoogle AdWords
It’s so big they’ve even announced a series of 6 webinars to cover the changes.
Series of 6 webinars from @Google about the new #enhancedcampaigns: https://google.com/ads/webinars #ppcchatErin (Green) Molnar
Some liked the changes:
Ad group level sitelinks are cool #someoptimism #ppcchatMatthew Umbro
@LukeAlley I actually love it & think it makes everything, especially bidding, much easier. Duplicated campaigns are inefficient IMHOMartin Röttgerding
Adwords Newsflash: Enhanced CampaignsSome quick thoughts about the new AdWords 'enhancements': 1. Taking away segmentation options is always going to make people mad….
Others really, really didn’t:
Welp, here’s just a little petition I started about a certain Adwords update. Sign it, maybe? & pass it along! https://chn.ge/XoR4Q5 #ppcchatNeil Sorenson
Love the Mao-like terminology of "enhanced" and "upgrade" #ppcchatDavid Szetela
They’re basically trying to make adWords for Idiots…and idiots probably shouldn’t use adWords in the first place. #ppcchatJeff Loquist
Nothing but negative things to say right now. My 2 cents: this is a big, hot mess. Goodbye control. Hello pain in my ass. #ppcchatJohn Lee
Was this our punishment for saying we wanted even rotation of ads? #ppcchatPeter Hughes
So, how did Google answer the question: "How can we screw with PPCers the way we do SEOers?" 🙂 #ppcchatJeff Loquist
But what exactly are the changes – and what do they mean for advertisers?

Device Targeting is Going to Change

It’s the end of device-specific campaigns.
One campaign for Desktop+Mobile+Tablet sounds like a pain for manual bid changes #ppcchat #sem #googleAshley Felger
People have different search behavior on mobile vs. tablet vs. desk top – not digging this at all #ppcchat cc: @adwordsJustin Freid
So… Desktop search volume is declining because more people are using Smartphones & Tablets… So lets combine everything? #ppcchatJames Svoboda
Desktop & Tablet Targeting
Desktops and tablets will be grouped together with no way to opt out of either or modify bids by device:
My biggest concern: "For any ad, keyword, extension, or bid, desktops and tablets are considered equivalent" #ppcchatRick Galan
@John_A_Lee #ppcchat they are saying the lines between these devices are blurred, so combining them in one campaigns is the way to go.Lisa Raehsler
@lisarocksSEM @John_A_Lee One account my tablets had a $900 CPA and my desktop had a $42 CPA. #ppcchatSam Owen
Tablets traffic peaks at different times than desktops, CR is better & CPCs lower. I guess that’s similar, though. #ppcchatJeff Loquist
Mobile Targeting
You will be able to target mobiles with different ads and bids – but as they will be targeted in the same campaign as other devices, it will not be possible to set mobile-specific budgets.

Biggest challenge: advertisers w/ mobile-specific budgets. Mobile ads/URLs can be unique but budgets are a different story#ppc #ppcchat #semMatt Wilkinson
Screenshot from Enhanced Campaign upgrade. Default mobile bid adj for this campaign is -10% #ppcchat #nothanksgoogle https://pic.twitter.com/QuP3dkqlMatt Wilkinson
… but there are still questions about how this will work in practice.
@netmeg #ppcchat My understanding is that you can have Desktop/Tablet ads & Mobile ads within the same ad group. Confusing and inefficientJohn Lee
So if I read this right – adgroup 1 = ad with mobile LP and ad with desktop LP. Or is it Adgroup1 = Mobile, Adgroup2 = Desktop #ppcchatmarkkennedysem
It will be possible to opt out of mobile traffic entirely … 
@AndrewBaker72 @emlas You can exclude Mobile from your enhanced campaigns with a bid multiplier of -100%. #ppcchatMartin Röttgerding
… sadly though, it will not be possible to opt out of desktop and tablet traffic altogether.
@Szetela I’m pretty sure you can only opt out of mobile. Desktop is foundational bids/targeting everything else is modifier of that #ppcchatBryant Garvin
Ad campaigns will be responsive and able to show extensions based on a Google searcher’s device.
Feel bad for people only selling mobile apps that they are forced into desktop #ppcchatSam Owen
@SamOwenPPC mobile apps will only show on mobile device app is available for #ppcchat https://twitpic.com/c1flhaBryant Garvin
All these changes mean you seriously need to think about your landing pages.
iOS/Flash incompatibility might be a big problem. #ppcchat https://www.ppcassociates.com/blog/google/the-scoop-on-enhanced-campaigns-good-and-bad/PPC Associates
Also – makes NO SENSE to pay for traffic to mobile without mobile friendly landing pages. Most don’t have. Too bad for them. #ppcchatnetmeg
Mobile Landing Page Optimization – 10 Best Practices for SuccessLanding pages can be used for PPC ads, mobile app downloads, promotional campaigns and more. Optimization tactics are intended to boost c…
What’s even better than a mobile-specific landing page? A landing page that adapts to any device.
Responsive web pages just got extremely important for anyone using AdWords. #ppcchatFranco Puetz
What is responsive design and do you really need it?Last week I published a review of the new BBC News mobile site, which was apparently built using responsive design. It’s a decent site an…
Key takeaway: Device segmentation is going. Get used to it. So make sure your website is ready to run on all devices.

Enhanced Ad Extensions Are Go!

This aspect of the changes has had far less attention than the device changes. They have less of an impact on overall strategy – but they are brilliant news. So what’s happening?
1. Sitelink Reporting
Sitelinks will be approved and reported on individually. This change has been a long time coming and is a huge bonus for advertisers. No longer will you have to worry that manually tagged sitelinks will interfere with AdWords’ auto-tagging. You can just sit back and enjoy actual data to help you make smart decisions
Looks like there is going to be better reporting with attribution and a better way to see individual sitelink performance #ppcchat #googleAshley Felger
Sitelinks Results per link apprently > One good thing about enhanced maybe ?!?Eloi Casali
2. Ad group Level Sitelinks 
Have you been creating new campaigns just to see relevant sitelinks appearing for your ads? Or have you been in the equally bad situation of putting up with a poor relationship between your keywords and your sitelinks? Well no more! From now on you can create sitelinks at the ad group level – an excellent move.
Can’t wait for the enhanced sitelinks. #eadwords #ppcchatCalin Sandici
3. Scheduling ad extensions
Exactly what it sounds like: you’ll be able to schedule campaign level ad extensions. The obvious example of when and why you would do this is for call extensions. If your business is only open to take calls 9-5, it doesn’t make sense to run click to call ad extensions at all hours. And that means no more need to create duplicate campaigns to display different extensions at different times.
4. Edit your extensions without resetting stats

Ever needed to edit a sitelink only to discover that your hard-earned data has just vanished in a puff of smoke? This is all going to change. See Google doesn’t just hate us.
Upgraded ad extensions in enhanced campaigns – AdWords HelpUpgraded ad extensions have more features and flexibility than legacy extensions. They’re available, along with legacy extensions, in enh…
Key Takeaway: If you aren’t already using ad extensions – now is the time to start. Things will only get better!

Reporting Gets a Makeover

New conversion types 
You will now be able to track the following as conversions in your AdWords campaigns:

1. App downloads.
2. Click to call phone calls that last a certain length of time.
Despite negatives in announcement, counting click-to-calls of certain length as conversions seems useful #ppcchat https://bit.ly/UAmKauTimothy Jensen
Cross-device attribution
Now this could be really special. More and more people are using multiple devices before they make a sale. With Enhanced Campaigns Google intends to introduce cross-device attribution so you can understand how users move between devices before they buy.

According to Alistair Dent’s article, Google has yet to establish exactly how they will provide this reporting, so it won’t be available from day one. After all, this is a difficult problem to solve:
Multi-Channel Attribution: Definitions, Models and a Reality CheckA wise person said: "To guarantee success, spend 95% of your time defining the problem and 5% of the time solving it." I believe deeply i…
Key Takeaway: If all goes to plan, you’re going to get better data. And better data = smarter spending.

Bid Multipliers

Location-Based Bidding
As well as the options to set mobile-specific bid modifiers, you will also be able to use location-based bid modifiers. So local businesses could choose to bid higher for customers close to their business locations.
Time-Based Bidding
We do currently have the option to modify bids based on time – this feature will still be available in Enhanced Campaigns – where it gets interesting is the ability to “layer” bid modifiers. 

For example, a local coffee shop could bid higher for people close to their location AND have an additional modifier to increase bidding during rush hour to capture people on their way to work.
Hat tip to Latitude for highlighting these changes in this blog post.
Key Takeaway: Consider whether you can use these changes to your advantage – clearly businesses with physical locations can win big here, but if you offer different delivery options depending on location, can this help you too?

How & When Will These Changes Happen?

Biggest concern for me right now is when will Adwords Editor get updated to let me make major changes #ppcchatSam Owen
It’s already starting.
Already seeing the prompt to migrate to @google enhanced campaigns #ppcchat #dontpressthebutton https://pic.twitter.com/hiwzpo8eKristina Nette
In February 2013 users will start to see the option to create Enhanced Campaigns. They will also start to see the option to upgrade their current campaigns.
Google has released a big guide to the new campaign format, which includes advice on how to go about making the switch:
Nice official Google PDF on Enhanced Campaigns https://bit.ly/VIIXDI #ppcchatDavid Szetela
But, unfortunately, there’s still a lot that isn’t yet clear:
So what happens to two campaigns that are already broken out by device? #ppcchatmarkkennedysem
@markkennedysem Looking at the migration guide I guess there is a feature that will merge them…still hazy on the details #ppcchatMatthew Umbro
We do know that the roll-out will be complete by the end of June 2013 (yes, the same time as the Google Shopping switch in the UK, cheers Google).

What Should I Do?

1. Relax. 

2. Breathe.

3. Find out as much as you can about the changes before making any knee-jerk decisions.
4. Remember that the changes are not happening instantly, but you should start reviewing your campaigns and data now. 
5. Draw up a plan of action to mitigate any risk – but also to make the most of any new opportunities. 
6. Reach out for help from Google support or other experts (the #ppcchat community is always a good port of call) if you need it.
I’ll leave the last word with @netmeg:
The smart ones will find ways around it. We always do, don’t we? #ppcchatnetmeg

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