SEO Basics: 3 Essential Resources for SEO Beginners

Welcome to my second SEO basics post for people starting out in SEO like myself. Last time I linked to the Boom posts that helped me at the very start. This time I’m going to highlight resources on other sites that are essential for every SEO beginner.

SEOmoz beginners guide to SEO

I was shown this on my first day, and it really helped me get a foothold on understanding what SEO is about and how the search engines work. It’s a comprehensive view of everything relating to search engines and SEO, and is certainly the place to start if you don’t understand or only know a little about it.

It’s not a quick read because of all the information inside of it, but it’s split up into chapters so you can work through it. It’s vital to check it out – whether you already know some SEO or are completely new.

The guys who wrote it, SEOmoz, are really respected and well known throughout the SEO industry. That’s even more reason to check out this brilliant beginners guide.

94 Easy Ways to Learn SEO

This page contains an interactive infographic filled with information on how to start learning SEO. There are links to people you should follow on social media, links to multiple tutorials and even more inside of it.

It’s certainly worth checking out the links on there as there are loads of useful info on SEO to be found, as well as insight into the way top people in SEO think.

Becoming a Clockwork Pirate

Becoming a Clockwork Pirate is a book available to download that’s filled with fantastic information on SEO, why it’s done and how you can do well in it. It’s available for free, but you have to make a post about it on either Twitter or Facebook before you can have access to download it.

A tweet doesn’t cost anything but a few seconds, and considering the vast amount of useful SEO information you’re getting in return, this is more than worth it.

These are the three big ones I’d recommend, but there are loads of other great articles out there to help you further with starting to learn about SEO. Found any that have helped you? Post a link in the comments below.

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