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30 Reasons Digital Marketing is Like Old School Nintendo

Ever wished you could just play video games all day long? Well, if you squint hard enough SEO starts to look a lot like playing Nintendo…

BrightonSEO 2014: A Round-Up

Last week Wayne, Alison, Rebecca and I took a trip to Brighton for the BrightonSEO conference. This is our round-up of the presentations we saw and the things we did. Note: Includes bonus graphs for your entertainment!

Getting Over the Fear of Google+

Hate Google+? You’re not alone. Join Amy Elliott as she explains why she hates Google+ so much, but is giving it a chance anyway.

Understanding YouTube Analytics

Venturing into the world of video marketing? You’ll need to know how analytics works in Youtube – find out the basics from Ben here.

Creating Creative ‘Meet The Team’ Pages (With 13 Awesome Examples)

Are the team behind your brand an important selling point? Are you representing them in a creative and unique way? Can a compelling team page help you with your SEO? Find out the answers in this post…

How Ignoring Your Rankings Can Help Your SEO

I’m not going to say ‘keywords don’t matter anymore’. They do. Keywords are what people use to search the web and until people stop searching the internet in this way, they will still be relevant. But times have changed. It used to be relatively easy to target one or two high traffic and highly relevant […]

Penguin 2.0 Roundup

A run down of all the stories, news, and opinions about the much anticipated Penguin 2.0 algorithm update. Read on to get an insight into Google’s latest shake up of the SERPs.

Let’s Get Technical: Robot Basics

Amy E gives a quick introduction to using the robots.txt file and meta robots.

How Not To Do SEO

It’s important that you get SEO right, but do you know what you’re doing wrong? Ben explains how not to SEO.

Excel for SEO – Must Have Tools and Resources

Whilst it is nice to have access to SEO tools we don’t always have the budget. Here are some SEO tools for Excel that free and can help!