Email Marketing from BoomWith a 40:1 return on investment, are you making the most of email marketing?

  • Professionally designed email campaigns based on years of experience.
  • Fully tested for mobile and desktop inboxes, ensuring your emails are seen.
  • Performance tracking built-in from open rates to conversions.
  • Template design, split testing and list building services available.

Email marketing is often ignored in favour of newer technologies, but a mailing list coupled with the right email campaign almost always delivers the best marketing return on investment. That’s because you’re marketing to an already-engaged audience using a medium that costs pennies (or less) per person to get in front of.

We run email marketing campaigns for clients, from helping them analyse and grow their mailing list to designing campaigns that maximise their open, click and conversion rates. We use a state of the art email marketing platform and experienced email designers who know what works.

One of our campaigns achieved an open rate of 34%, a click through rate of 31% and a conversion rate of 6.75% for the client.

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