Hi, I’m Luke Jordan,

Digital Marketing Client Manager

at Boom.

Content Marketing

I help to create intelligent, witty and interesting content that generates links, exposure and most importantly, sales for our clients.

Technical SEO

I love finding tiny issues with a site that are actually causing huge problems. Fixing them often isn’t the hard part – it’s identifying them, and we’re great at it.

Link Building

Building links is often seen as an outdated tactic, but we identify and use many modern techniques to build relevant, high quality 'white hat' links that really work, and will continue to work going forward.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increasing targeted traffic to a site is one thing, but that’s just one part of the process. I’m on hand to provide advice & ideas to help turn more visitors into customers.

About me
My Experience

I started my online marketing career in 2011, managing an e-commerce site for a leading technology retailer. My role included all aspects of online marketing; SEO, PPC, email marketing and more, which has helped form the wide area of industry knowledge that I possess today.


SEO has always been my most favoured area, and led me to start my own SEO agency in 2013 before relocating to Nottingham and joining the exceptionally talented team at Boom. I work closely with the design team to ensure content campaigns maximise synergy, delivering the best possible results.

My Interests

My obsession with the online world doesn’t just apply to the 9-5. When I get home, I’m working on various things online until I go to sleep. On the weekends, I’ll mostly just be sat in front of the computer too – although the odd game of hockey will force me to venture into the real world.


I’m a big sports fan, especially football – although my team (Aston Villa) haven’t really played much of that for the last few years.  I like almost all other sports – especially when you consider the fact that rubbish like Formula 1 and fishing don’t actually count.


No, I’ve never seen [INSERT ANY POPULAR FILM NAME HERE] and no I don’t know how I’ve never seen it either, but I haven’t, so stop asking. Big fan of the type of music that the majority of the Boom office criticise on a frequent basis.

Why I’m Qualified
My Credentials

  • 5+ years’ experience in digital marketing & SEO
  • Qualifications in IT & business
  • A lifetime on the internet

Why I’m Qualified
My Expertise

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • CRO
  • Friendly client interaction
  • Blogger outreach
  • Email marketing
  • WordPress
  • Lunch-time ping pong

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