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73 (Mainly) Under The Radar Digital Marketing Tools

**Last Updated June 2016** Every six – eight weeks we put on a little digital marketing event in Nottingham called Drink Digital. It isn’t a vast lavish affair, just a bunch of people interested in the industry getting together. Whilst the event is mainly a laid back affair just hanging out with people who have […]

The Mystery of The Phantom Facebook Likes

A look at the mystery of phantom ‘likes’ showing on website pages promoted via Facebook Ads….

Getting Started with Paid StumbleUpon

Thinking about venturing in to the world of paid social? Amy Elliott guides you through the process of setting up paid StumbleUpon…

4 (Mainly) Mobile Apps That Keep Me Organised On The Go

Struggling to keep your work/life balance in check? Today Wayne shares four apps which help to keep him organised when he’s on to go, at work, and at home.

9 Awesome Social Media Tools

Amy talks us through 9 awesome social media tools that will help with: inspiration, making the most of your time, and monitoring what people are saying about you

Facebook Survey Fail: Are They Really Trying to Improve Things for the User?

Amy F explores what Facebook is doing to personalise its user experience, and asks if this is genuinely about the user, or a front to help hide Facebook’s real concern – revenue.

Marketing Tragedy

Amy Elliott looks at how companies have used natural disasters and tragedy to try and leverage their social media following and offers helpful tips for how best to deal with tragedy on social media.

Pinterest Launches Place Pins: What Does this Mean for Marketers?

Pinterest is evolving at a rapid rate, with the addition of recipe pins, product pins, and article pins this year alone! One month after they announced promoted pins, they’ve just launched place pins. Amy Fowler explores exactly what place pins are, and how marketers can make the most of these addictive new pins.

Pinterest Goes Paid

Pinterest has just started to roll out a paid advertising model: we explore how this might (or might not) work in practice.

Hashtags in #Marketing

Whether we’re tweeting, posting pictures on Instagram, or even in status’ on Facebook and updates on Google+ we just can’t escape the hashtag! Today Gozde talks you through some of the best, and worst, examples of hashtags in marketing and offers tips and advice for avoiding hashtag fails!