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Keyword Research Tips, Tricks & Tools

It’s true that most SEO professionals don’t put all their focus on specific keywords these days, but that doesn’t mean keyword research is dead. Completing your keyword research is a valuable step towards making the most of your SEO efforts. If it’s done correctly, you can be sure you’re focusing your attention on the areas […]

30 Reasons Digital Marketing is Like Old School Nintendo

Ever wished you could just play video games all day long? Well, if you squint hard enough SEO starts to look a lot like playing Nintendo…

Pagination Pain! Dealing With Crawl Issues In E-Commerce Sites

Something we regularly come across here at Boom are crawl issues with e-commerce websites. Ian talks you through some of the common issues that can cause a range of problems from not getting indexed to wasting your crawl budget.

Over 100 Blog Posts From 2013 That Prove That Link Building Is Alive And Kicking

Last year, link building faked its death more times than we cared to count! If you need to catch up with all things link-related, we suggest that you grab yourself a cold beverage and settle down with Wayne’s round-up of the 100+ best blog posts about link building from 2013.

2014 New Year’s Resolutions of an Internet Marketer

The start of a New Year can be a great opportunity to analyse and really get to the bottom of what worked best over the last year and why, as well as putting forward ideas for how to do things even better in the future. Alison Parcell shares her New Year’s Resolutions for internet marketing in 2014.

A Fair Number Of IFTTT Recipes To Make The Life Of An Online Marketer Easier

Feeling busy? Looking to save some time in your day? Try out some of these IFTTT recipes to improve your productivity…

Getting Over the Fear of Google+

Hate Google+? You’re not alone. Join Amy Elliott as she explains why she hates Google+ so much, but is giving it a chance anyway.

Creating Creative ‘Meet The Team’ Pages (With 13 Awesome Examples)

Are the team behind your brand an important selling point? Are you representing them in a creative and unique way? Can a compelling team page help you with your SEO? Find out the answers in this post…

Oh Shit, Link Building Is Dead… Again

In light of Google’s recent change to the wording of its ranking advice, Robert takes a look at how this may change search as we know it!

How Ignoring Your Rankings Can Help Your SEO

I’m not going to say ‘keywords don’t matter anymore’. They do. Keywords are what people use to search the web and until people stop searching the internet in this way, they will still be relevant. But times have changed. It used to be relatively easy to target one or two high traffic and highly relevant […]