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Boom Achieves Premier Google Partner Status

Boom has been awarded Premier Google Partner status, recognising our great work in managing AdWords campaigns for our clients.

An Alternative Approach To Testing Ad Copy

It sometimes feels like I’m trying to swim in an avalanche, in constant danger of drowning in the sea of innovations which keep the good people at Google in work. Black Friday Structured Snippets, Customer Match Remarketing, Customisable Ads, Analytics Calculated Metrics, Shopping Ads on YouTube… All of which can easily distract your hardworking PPC […]

Bing Shopping Campaigns vs Google Shopping Campaigns

Bing has been one step behind Google for so long now that their roll-out of Shopping campaigns at the end of the summer was no big surprise. And while they’ve done their upmost to ensure the easy transfer of campaigns from AdWords, some of the blogs I’ve read did not sum up completely how to […]

Dishing The Dirt On Google Shopping Campaigns

Katie dishes the dirt on Google Shopping Campaigns. Read on to find out why you should be doing a happy dance about these campaigns, but also why it’s not a total bed of roses…

AdWords Extensions: An Introduction & All The Reading Material You’ll Ever Need

Need to know what ad extensions are and how to use them to win at AdWords? Katie’s got your back with a beginner’s guide and a ton of reading material to help you go from noob to pro in no time at all.

A Beginners Guide to Learning PPC: Nine Tips

Moving into PPC can be a little daunting for beginners; Amy uses her experiences from her first few months of working on the Pay Per Click side of things to give you some tips on how to make the learning process a bit easier!

The First Biddable World: A Round-Up

Missed the first ever Biddable World PPC Conference? Don’t worry, Katie’s got your back with her epic round-up of the event…

Managing Text Ads in a Post-PLA Landscape

PLAs launched in the UK in 2013, since then text ads have seen costs rise and positions plummet. We review the situation and explore what PPC managers can do to help their text ads succeed.

Remarketing Tips & Tricks for Noobs

If you aren’t already using remarketing, where have you been? This is a great, cost effective technique, and our guest blogger, Jaime Sikora is here to share some of her remarketing secrets to help you succeed.

Must-Read PPC Posts: A Round-Up

Catch up with what the PPC team at Boom Online Marketing have been reading over the past month covering everything from AdWords to Bing…