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Keyword Research Tips, Tricks & Tools

It’s true that most SEO professionals don’t put all their focus on specific keywords these days, but that doesn’t mean keyword research is dead. Completing your keyword research is a valuable step towards making the most of your SEO efforts. If it’s done correctly, you can be sure you’re focusing your attention on the areas […]

Defining Your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2015

Mobile commerce is developing quickly. here’s a run down of the key aspects marketers should be addressing in 2015 to keep ahead of the curve.

The Power Of Distraction In a Digital Age

We have more choice today than ever before; Amy looks at how this is affecting our lives and our happiness, and what marketers need to do to capture the attention of a distracted audience.

Marketing Tragedy

Amy Elliott looks at how companies have used natural disasters and tragedy to try and leverage their social media following and offers helpful tips for how best to deal with tragedy on social media.

Google Not Giving You the Answers You Need? Fear Not; Helpouts Are Here!

On November 4th, Google introduce ‘Helpouts’ to the world. Helpouts are designed to connect you with an expert from a niche that you need help in. Whether it’s applying makeup, fixing your computer, or sorting out your garden; Google’s got it covered. In her latest blog post, Amy Elliott wonders just how much help the Helpouts will be…

Hashtags in #Marketing

Whether we’re tweeting, posting pictures on Instagram, or even in status’ on Facebook and updates on Google+ we just can’t escape the hashtag! Today Gozde talks you through some of the best, and worst, examples of hashtags in marketing and offers tips and advice for avoiding hashtag fails!

Marketing 101: Segmentation Basics

If you want to find out about the fundamental marketing strategy that is segmentation then read on!

The Brain on Brands

Brands are a fascinating phenomenon with values of billions of dollars to retailers but what is the secret behind their power? Alison Parcell finds out…

Making Competitions Work for Your Brand

Running a competition can be a very effective marketing and brand-building tool. Amy talks through how to make sure you run your competition to get the most rewards for your brand.

Understanding YouTube Analytics

Venturing into the world of video marketing? You’ll need to know how analytics works in Youtube – find out the basics from Ben here.