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73 (Mainly) Under The Radar Digital Marketing Tools

**Last Updated June 2016** Every six – eight weeks we put on a little digital marketing event in Nottingham called Drink Digital. It isn’t a vast lavish affair, just a bunch of people interested in the industry getting together. Whilst the event is mainly a laid back affair just hanging out with people who have […]

Not all customers are created equal! ‘Tightwads’, ‘Spendthrifts’ and how to market to them.

Research shows customers will literally spend till it hurts, but the pain thresholds can vary strikingly from so called tightwads to big spending spendthrifts. How can we as marketers appeal to these different target markets for the best results?

Fighting Back Against Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can be a problem for anyone involved in writing. Ben provides some links to articles for getting through it.

What Can We Learn From Econsultancy? Creating Content for Link Building Wins

Want to create a solid content strategy to get more links? We analysed Econsultancy’s top 50 most linked to posts to discover what drives links.

Content Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Content marketing is a great investment in the future of your site. Here we look at some great content ideas that can work for any business.

Social Media Writing Tips

Although it looks increasingly important in terms of search engine ranking points, social media is all about connecting with individuals and not about second guessing what the Google algorithm wants to see.

Writing for the Web

What is the distinction between good and bad web copy? We look at ways of providing great engaging content for your customers that will also signpost your website to the search engines.

Corporate Blogging Tips

Blogging is a great activity for any business to become involved with, it is relatively easy to start and if done properly will benefit your organisation on many levels.

On Page SEO for Beginners: Why It Matters & How to Get it Right

Want great rankings? Getting quality links to your site is hugely important – but don’t forget that what you do on your website matters too. Find out more in our beginners’ guide to on page SEO.

Copywriting Workshop: How to Avoid Classic Copywriting Mistakes

Everywhere I look these days I seem to be able to find errors in copywriting. From magazine articles and adverts through to corporate websites and television programmes. Now I don’t want to turn this into a rant, so instead let’s think of this as a copywriting workshop, because I’m going to focus on something close to my heart – copy on websites. Read on for tips on how to avoid mistakes on your site.