Ben Frisby

Title: Online Marketing Executive
Specialist Area: PPC

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Skype: ben_friz
Bragging Rights: Travelled from Derby to Rome by motorbike using only a map and compass.
On My Bucket List: Travel across America.
My Favourite Cake: Chocolate

Making A Viral Video

Looking to make a viral video? Ben offers his advice on what works and how to make a video that gets views.

Understanding YouTube Analytics

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Developing Video Marketing Ideas

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Running A YouTube Channel

Ben discusses best practices for gaining views and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

AdWords Structure: Accounts, Campaigns & Ad Groups

New to AdWords? Struggling to understand account structure? Ben tells you what you need to know to run a successful PPC account.

How Not To Do SEO

It’s important that you get SEO right, but do you know what you’re doing wrong? Ben explains how not to SEO.

Understanding Keywords In PPC

Are negative keywords getting you down and match types leaving you confused? Look no further! Ben answers your PPC keyword questions.

A Brief Guide To Quality Score

Keyword quality score leaving you confused? Ben explains what’s behind it and what you can do to raise your score.

SEO Basics: Technical SEO

Getting mixed up with your spiders and 404s? Ben discusses the more technical parts of SEO.

Five Tips For Optimising Your YouTube Channel

YouTube can become another valuable tool for getting your business noticed online, providing your videos get seen. Ben discusses some best practice tips you should follow to get on the path to YouTube success.