Amy Fowler

Title:Online Marketing Manager

Specialist Area: SEO, social media
Amy has a wide breadth of experience in online marketing, with a particular passion for social media and content creation. Having been with Boom for over two years, she has worked alongside most of Boom’s clients and is now managing a number of key accounts.
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Bragging Rights: Brilliant at raffles. So cool The Big Bang Theory stole my name.
On My Bucket List: Skydiving. See the world.
My Favourite Cake: Cheesecake. But mostly just cheese.

Boom Steps Ahead With Shoe Zone

We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to our client roster, footwear retailer Shoe Zone.

The Mystery of The Phantom Facebook Likes

A look at the mystery of phantom ‘likes’ showing on website pages promoted via Facebook Ads….

9 Awesome Social Media Tools

Amy talks us through 9 awesome social media tools that will help with: inspiration, making the most of your time, and monitoring what people are saying about you

The Power Of Distraction In a Digital Age

We have more choice today than ever before; Amy looks at how this is affecting our lives and our happiness, and what marketers need to do to capture the attention of a distracted audience.

Facebook Survey Fail: Are They Really Trying to Improve Things for the User?

Amy F explores what Facebook is doing to personalise its user experience, and asks if this is genuinely about the user, or a front to help hide Facebook’s real concern – revenue.

Pinterest Launches Place Pins: What Does this Mean for Marketers?

Pinterest is evolving at a rapid rate, with the addition of recipe pins, product pins, and article pins this year alone! One month after they announced promoted pins, they’ve just launched place pins. Amy Fowler explores exactly what place pins are, and how marketers can make the most of these addictive new pins.

Pinterest Goes Paid

Pinterest has just started to roll out a paid advertising model: we explore how this might (or might not) work in practice.

Facebook Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself (Or So It Likes To Think…)

Facebook recently announced an update to its algorithm that claims to ensure the best content is surfaced and shared. In today’s blog post, Amy explores whether Facebook really knows our likes and dislikes better than we do…

Making Competitions Work for Your Brand

Running a competition can be a very effective marketing and brand-building tool. Amy talks through how to make sure you run your competition to get the most rewards for your brand.

How Ignoring Your Rankings Can Help Your SEO

I’m not going to say ‘keywords don’t matter anymore’. They do. Keywords are what people use to search the web and until people stop searching the internet in this way, they will still be relevant. But times have changed. It used to be relatively easy to target one or two high traffic and highly relevant […]