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Corporate Blogging Tips

Blogging is a great activity for any business to become involved with, it is relatively easy to start and if done properly will benefit your organisation on many levels.

Anger As Google Hides Keywords From Website Owners

The last 24 hours have seen online marketers around the world venting their spleen at Google’s latest announcement: With immediate effect, all searches performed by users logged in to Google will be conducted via a secure (SSL) connection. This has the effect that organic keyword data is not passed to the website receiving the traffic [...]

On Page SEO for Beginners: Why It Matters & How to Get it Right

Want great rankings? Getting quality links to your site is hugely important – but don’t forget that what you do on your website matters too. Find out more in our beginners’ guide to on page SEO.

Boom’s Amy Fowler enters SEO Blogging Contest

Boom’s Amy Fowler announces her entry into the Search Engine Marketing Group’s second annual SEO blogging contest.

Naughty NamesCo Selling A Waste Of Time

NamesCo’s Hyper Submit package is a waste of time and money. Find out why!